Ep. 2: How to get to your 8pm. . .

How to get to your 8pm. . .

. . . in 29 easy steps!

The worst feeling in the world is realizing during your commute to the gig that you may not make it before the downbeat. Although getting there on time is just part of a musician’s job, sometimes you just wish that the audience knew what it took for you to get there.

“Luckily I didn’t drink anything. . .”

Josh Samuels

In our second episode, we talk about times where we had particularly unusual and crazy journeys to the gig, including one story where that journey was abruptly cut short. We also discuss why drummers might feel the pressure a bit more than other musicians – maybe you’ll agree, maybe you won’t. We play a little game with our bleeps (see if you can figure out what we’re doing there) and we play a spontaneous, if unsuccessful, round of name-that-tune.

L to R: Flag 1 – Jersey City PATH station, Cosplayers, Flag 2 – Hoboken PATH station, good samaritan, & Jay Leno lady, Flag 3 – NY Waterway Ferry terminal, Flag 4 – 39th Street Pier, Flag 5 – New World Stages/Tea
Places to look for remnants of Josh’s sandwich
Andy’s intended route
Episode 2: How to get to your 8pm. . .

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