Ep. 3: The Conga Player’s Union

The Conga Player’s Union

Hit Haul and Hang starts its third show with a little follow-up about the NYC marimba schlep anecdote from Ep 1 and fleshing out the concept of instrumental “doubling“. Early on, a guest musician’s appearance challenges the guys’ ability to stay on track.

There are two types of musicians: readers and practicers

Pete Saleh

The conversation takes a random side trip to answer the perennial question about what a movie set “key grip” is and Pete throws out the concept that musicians tend to fall into one of two categories: readers or practicers. That idea gets explored through Andy’s performance watching preferences, tangentially through Josh’s show-learning abilities, and Andy’s part-assigning technique, hammer dulcimer and vibraharp experience notwithstanding.

Finally, our guest, non-brush-using conga player makes a brief, on-mic appearance!

This particular episode would have been a) out a lot sooner and b) noticeably longer, if not for some career-conscious edits that we reluctantly needed to make. Malcolm Gladwell’s notion, “self-consciousness is the enemy of interestingness” really comes to mind here, so we’ll share some of what was left out one of these days 🙂

The vibraphone and vocal quartet performance Pete mentioned

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