Ep. 5: Be Right or Be Effective?

This episode is part 2 of our discussion on things you might want to bring up when you’re lining up work. If you’re newer to the gigging thing, or if you have had some unfortunate surprises on the job recently, you’ll definitely want to go back and listen to the previous episode as well.

Don’t make me feel bad for wanting to get paid

Joshua Samuels

In this episode, we cover benefit gigs, turtlenecks, how to talk specific financial numbers, the mercenary vs student mindset, and when to assert yourself in the negotiation process.

The episode title refers to a great piece of advice that Pete once received and our next few shows will be based around good and bad advice we’ve received.

You know you have a budget, so why shouldn’t I?

Peter Saleh
Pete’s show is closing – don’t miss it!
Andy & Pete took off to see Josh’s show Beetlejuice the night before the Tonys – such a cool audience vibe!