Ep. 6: Good or Bad Advice? Eyes vs. Ears

People like to give advice but it's easy to mix up the confidence of the advice giver with its actual value. Sometimes it takes quite a while to realize whether a piece of wisdom is wise at all In this episode, we begin a series of discussions on noteworthy advice we've received and debate whether … Continue reading Ep. 6: Good or Bad Advice? Eyes vs. Ears

Ep. 5: Be Right or Be Effective?

This episode is part 2 of our discussion on things you might want to bring up when you're lining up work. If you're newer to the gigging thing, or if you have had some unfortunate surprises on the job recently, you'll definitely want to go back and listen to the previous episode as well. Don't … Continue reading Ep. 5: Be Right or Be Effective?

Ep. 4: *Always* Communicate

This is the first of a 2-part discussion that, besides being a subject that evokes strong reactions in us - and indeed working musicians everywhere - will be of particular value to music directors, orchestrators, and contractors who are new to hiring and working with freelance musicians, and especially percussionists. When you're new to being … Continue reading Ep. 4: *Always* Communicate

Ep. 3: The Conga Player’s Union

We start with a little follow-up about the NYC marimba schlep anecdote from ep 1 and fleshing out the concept of instrumental "doubling". Early on, a guest conga player appearance challenges the guys' ability to stay on track. The conversation takes a random side trip to answer the perennial question about what a movie set "key grip" is and Pete throws out the concept that musicians tend to fall into one of two categories: readers or practicers. That idea gets explored through Andy's performance watching preferences, tangentially through Josh's show-learning abilities, and Andy's part-assigning technique, hammer dulcimer and vibraharp experience notwithstanding. Finally, our guest, non-brush-using conga player makes a brief, on-mic appearance!